FEMA IS 393.b Introduction to Hazard Mitigation

<span itemprop="name">FEMA IS 393.b Introduction to Hazard Mitigation</span>

Course Overview

Mitigation means taking action to reduce or eliminate long-term risk from hazards and their effects. FEMA has produced a series of courses intended to train those who have responsibility for, or simply interest in, reducing hazard risks in their States, communities, or Tribes. This course provides an introduction for those who are new to emergency management and/or hazard mitigation.
Course Objectives:

Define hazard mitigation and the importance of hazard mitigation in sustainable communities.
List the main components of each phase of the local hazard mitigation planning process.
Identify hazard mitigation measures that are applicable to your community’s hazard risk problems.
Identify resources for projects that reduce hazards.

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